Am I Eligible?



Health Insurance (Medicaid)

Use the link below to see if you or someone in your family might be eligible for Medicaid or CHIP. Eligibility is primarily based on household size and income. Household size is determined by relationship, such as parents and children under age 19 living together.  But if  you plan to file a  federal income tax return, your household size is your tax household, so include everyone reported on your federal tax return even if they do not live with you.   Add the number of babies expected to a  pregnant woman’s household. Use the income limit that applies to each family member needing coverage as a parent or caretaker, a pregnant woman or a child under age 19. The income limits for children are based on the child’s age.

Food Assistance (SNAP) & Cash Assistance (TANF)

Answering a few short questions will let you know if your household might be eligible for benefits. Complete the questions based on your current household information. You will need to be as accurate as possible, however estimates are allowed.

You can review your answers and change them if necessary. After you submit your answers, you will see if your household might be eligible for one or more of these programs.

Please remember this is a basic assessment process and is not an application for benefits. Even if the results say that your household may not be eligible, you may still complete and submit an application for us to make an official decision about your eligibility.

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